Maxym Martynyuk discussed issues of dairy industry support with milk producers

04.12.2017 14:07

The management of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine continues a series of sectoral meetings to work out the most effective orders of using state support in 2018. On November 23 a working meeting of the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Maxym Martynyuk with representatives of the dairy industry - members of the Association of Milk Producers - took place.

The event was also attended by directors of relevant departments of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, representatives of milk companies, profile associations and public associations.

In the draft state budget for 2018, the Government proposed to allocate UAH 2.3 billion to support animal husbandry. As noted by Maxim Martynyuk, the funds will be directed, in particular, to compensation of interest rates on loans taken for the construction and reconstruction of livestock farms, measures to increase biosafety, purchase of high-performance stock, etc. The programs will be distributed to representatives of the pig breeding industry, as well as milk and beef cattle keepers. "Due to the scale of support, and most importantly - its predictability, business representatives will be supported in the current activities and will be able to plan further business development," he said.

This year, the implementation of state support programs, due to the length of time spent on the preparation of procedures of use of funds, has been delayed. To avoid this in 2018, preparations for the new fiscal year have been started by the Ministry in advance.

In accordance with the plan of allocations for January-November 2017, under the state program of support of the livestock sector, there was sent UAH 100 million to the treasury accounts of profile structural subdivisions of Regional State Administrations. In general, the expenditures envisaged under the budget program 2801540 "State support of the livestock sector" in 2017 are amounted to UAH 170 million.